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Regulatory and Compliance

The skilled nursing industry faces increasing regulatory and compliance scrutiny. It is critical that the therapy department stays abreast of all regulatory changes as well as those impacting reimbursement. Equally critical is the need for strong therapy documentation to support the need for skilled services.

At Ultimate Rehab our commitment to compliance begins with the training we provide all new therapist to Ultimate Rehab, regardless of their industry experience. Our new employee orientation introduces therapists to our documentation standards, which we believe to be the most stringent in the industry. We require each therapist to complete daily, point of care documentation, which clearly explains the need for skilled services and carefully documents the care they provide each patient.

Each month we conduct a random audit of patient documentation. This includes peer reviews which allow members of the therapy team the opportunity to review the documentation of other therapists. Our Rehab Team Managers also conduct audits of therapy documentation along with our Director of Compliance. These reviews allow us to provide feedback to improve documentation while also looking for any trends that might require company-wide training. While time-consuming, these reviews help ensure the highest quality documentation which ultimately helps lead to an outstanding track record with insurance appeals.

Each quarter we conduct company-wide compliance meetings to keep our employees abreast of any new changes or trends that may impact the delivery and documentation of therapy. After each meeting employees complete a brief quiz to reinforce the information that was delivered during the meeting.

Our Director of Compliance, in addition to supporting Ultimate Rehab's efforts, also supports our client in the preparation of insurance appeals and RAC Audits. This preparation includes compiling documentation and assisting in the writing of appeal letters.

The Ultimate Difference

As Director of Compliance Stephanie Schoenberger acts as a resource for Ultimate Rehab employees as well as Ultimate Rehab clients.  Stephanie’s support includes writing letters for insurance appeals and providing clinical expertise surrounding patient care and documentation. One client recently said to Stephanie “I know I don’t say it enough, but thank you for all you do and how quickly you always respond”.

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An effective compliance program begins with strict documentation standards and regular documentation audits. To learn more about strategies for an effective compliance program contact Kelley Robinson at (513) 378-6745 or [email protected]