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Why Ultimate Rehab?

If you are looking for a company that values your clinical judgment and puts patients over profits, then Ultimate Rehab is the company for you.

Our investment in you begins with the interview process. Each potential employee comes to the facility at which they will work, interviews with the Rehab Team Manager, along with a clinician of the same discipline. The interview includes a tour of the facility and introduction to other team members. Once you are hired our new employee orientation is a thorough eight-hour process which is conducted over the course of two full days.

Our therapists contribute to the company in ways that go beyond treating patients. We have had therapist create clinical protocols for the company. Other therapists act as mentors to new graduates, while others train new employees or act as clinical instructors for students. We also believe in promoting from within and over 80% of our therapy managers were previously therapists for Ultimate Rehab.

If you want to work for a company that values its employees and continuously strives to become a better employer, then Ultimate Rehab is the company for you.

The Ultimate Difference

Continuing Education

We believe our therapists should pursue opportunities to enhance their clinical skills and we support this goal with a generous continuing education stipend. We have also supported therapist who want to add certifications to help treat our patient population by also paying for these certifications.

Student Program

Ultimate Rehab has a long history of providing student clinicals to therapists of all disciplines. We assign students to experienced therapists who have a track record of working with students. Many of our prior students have gone on to full-time positions with Ultimate Rehab. Over 30% of our current employees were one time students including 6 of our Rehab Team Managers and our Director of Compliance and Clinical Education.


Ultimate Rehab understands the challenges that new graduates face when coming into the workplace. It is for that reason that we partner new therapists with an experienced therapist of the same discipline to act as a mentor to help them adjust to the challenges they face. The mentor acts as a resource to help answer questions, provide clinical guidance, and assist with their transition from student to full-time therapist.


To learn more about working for a company that values your clinical judgment and contributions to patient well being. Contact Sandy Mueller at [email protected]