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Vice President of Operations

Sheryl Marler

After graduating from Eastern Kentucky University,  Sheryl was offered a position by one of her clinical instructors at Bethesda Oak Hospital. The CI recognized her talent and commitment to patient care.  She experienced a diverse and interesting mix of patients in her first few years at the hospital. When that same CI was ready to leave her out-patient position she again recommended Sheryl to take over.  

When Sheryl turned her attention to geriatric rehab she experienced a whole new variety of challenges and soon became an expert at mentoring, managing, and making a difference.  When Lorie MacDonald opened her own company in 1999, Sheryl was one of the original four therapists Lorie chose during her company's start-up. As a staff therapist, a team leader, and as a rehab manager, Sheryl has practiced in many of Ultimate Rehab’s facilities.  When the growth of the company dictated it in 2006, Sheryl was the person Lorie chose to be the first Regional Manager at UR. Her dedication, her clinical expertise and her management ability earned her a further promotion to Vice President of Operations. From Therapist, to Manager, to Vice-President, Sheryl continues to be actively involved in the daily operations of each client facility.

When she is not on the road, Sheryl enjoys spending quality time with her husband, Eric, her twins, and family.