Students and New Grads

MENTORS:  As a therapist-owned company, our dedication to new graduate therapists is ongoing.  Our Rehab Managers are always close at hand.  We recommend senior therapists with expertise, certified training, and effective techniques to act as mentors. Wheelchair positioning, cognitive assessment, orthopedics, spine dysfunctions, manual therapies, women's health issues such as incontinence and pelvic pain, neurological treatment skills, vital stim training, arthritis exercise techniques, massage therapy, psychiatric disorders, dysphasia, aphasia, and cognition development are just some of the things you'll learn more about in their capable hands.

STUDENT LOAN RELIEF:  Qualifying new graduates can earn cash bonuses through sign on and employee referral bonuses.

CONTINUING EDUCATION:  We encourage our new graduates  to plan their courses with their mentors.

CLINICAL AFFILIATIONS: We are committed to fostering students and we affiliate with many university programs.  We can not resist taking the time to train students when so many of them have become our long-time employees.