Census Development

Ultimate Rehab Ltd. achieves winning results because we focus on our client's residents and by providing individualized resident directed care. We make sure our partner's continued growth and profitability is a top priority.  We've found that there are six key areas that, if managed properly, will financially benefit health care providers in both the not for profit and private sector.  We believe UR Important, and you do not have to sacrifice care to have a therapy program that is resident centered and financially rewarding.  The six key areas we manage:


  • Marketing support that includes relationships with  the area physician practices and hospitals. Our entire UR team is available to our client campuses' marketing efforts in the community.
  • Managed length of stay through strong interdisciplinary team communication and individualized direct resident care.
  • Outpatient services to ensure residents highest level of well being is achieved.

RUGS Utilization

  • Innovative management systems to initiate plan from admission through discharge. 
  • Therapy weekend coverage to promptly initiate and provide care
  • Therapy Manager communicates daily with MDS and Admissions Coordinators

Case Mix Medicaid Reimbursement

  • Therapy manager screens patients due for quarterly and annual assessments to capture appropriate therapy services for the MDS
  • Provide cost containment strategies for therapy patients

Insurance Patient's Profitability

  • Daily therapy rate and therapy cost containment
  • Exceptional computerized therapy documentation to ensure approval for continued skilled therapy services

Length of Stay 

  • Manage resident’s discharge dates through strong communication with our clients and families
  • Coordinate with admissions on all new resident's care.
  • Challenge potential clinician biases to maximize therapy services and meet the resident's needs 

RAC Audit Concerns

  • Therapists complete daily, point-of-care documentation
  • Tracking system to support therapist in and out times with patients
  • Chart Audit Systems in place
  • Provide nursing education regarding documentation to support therapy provided to all residents.