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Explore Ultimate Rehab Careers

Today it is more important than ever to efficiently deliver the best possible outcomes for patients. We know integrity, respect, and fairness supply the atomoshpere for that to happen.  At Ultimate Rehab, UR important.

You’ll work in a transistional care environment where 75% to 85% of your patients return to more independent lives and where individualized resident directed care is emphasized on our client's campuses.

  • Your Rehab Manager, a clincian and colleague, is available to answer questions and support you.  The VP of Operarations, also a clinician, will visit often and is only a phone call away. 
  • You’ll work in clean, attractive and spacious surroundings and in partnership with the facility staff. 
  • When it comes to PTO, pay, benefit questions or other internal concerns, you’ll be taken care of by someone who knows you and more importantly, someone who cares. 
  • You’ll be valued and appreciated as an integral part of the company and you'll have the opportunity to advance your career clinically and professionally.